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PMP® Renewal Master Program
(60 PDUs) - 2024

PMI® Authorized Training Partner (ATP ID: 5463)

7 Days Flash Sale
50% OFF

60 PDUs Fee: 199  99 USD

(New Set of 60 PDUs)

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As per Project Management Institute (PMI) Guideline - To stay PMP in good standing, you need to Renew your PMP Certification every three years by earning 60 PDUs.

One of the most cost-effective, hassle-free, and quicker options to Earn 60 PDU and Renew PMP Certification is Enroll in a 60 PDUs Master Course by a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP).

When you enroll for the 60 PDU Master Program to Renew PMP Certification from PMI ATP, the PDUs are pre-approved by PMI, and PMP Certified Staff can Claim 60 PDUs with no difficulty at all.

No Need to search for PDUs from multiple providers - For the benefit of PMP Certified Professionals, Skill Optics - PMI Authorized Training Provider (ATP ID: 5463) has launched a 60 PDUs Master Program that is in line with PMI Talent Triangle for 60 PDUs Categorization.

This 60 PDUs Master Program is for all PMP/PMI-ACP/PMI-RMP/PgMP/PfMP Certified Professionals who require 60 PDUs to become eligible to Renew PMP or other PMI Certifications.

Who Should Enroll for 60 PDUs Master Program?

This 60 PDUs Master Course is for the PMP or PgMP or PfMP or any other PMI Certification Holders who wants to renew/extend validity of their certificates for next 3 years. The renewal can be done in any of the following stages of the CCR Cycle:-

  • First Year of Renewal Cycle

  • Second Year of Renewal Cycle

  • Last Year of Renewal Cycle

  • OR, Your PMP/PgMP/PfMP is in Suspended State


Is Your PMP certification already Expired? Don't Worry - Just WhatsApp Us @ +91 7011-920-672 and our dedicated consultant will guide you regarding the renewal process.

Get your PMI approved 60 PDUs from SkillOptics, a PMI Authorized Training Partner ATP ID: 5463

5 Steps to Renew PMP Certification


Enroll in 60 PDUs PMP® Renewal Master Program


Receive Your Login Credentials & Access the 60 PDUs Program


Get Unique PDUs Claim Codes Issued by PMI® to Add 60 PDUs


Pay PMP® Renewal Fee to PMI®


That's it! You have successfully Renewed your PMP Certification

buy 60 pdus now

7 Days Flash Sale 


Don't wait for your PMI Certificate to Expire - Start Now to avoid Last Minute Hassle of Claiming 60 PDUs & Renewing Certificate.

199 USD

99 USD


60 PDUs

Become Scrum Fundamental Certified

Ways of Working: 6 PDUs

Power Skills: 2 PDU

Business Acumen: 2 PDU

Total PDUs Earned: 10




Scrum for Operations and DevOps Fundamentals Certified

Ways of Working: 2 PDUs

Power Skills: 4 PDUs

Business Acumen: 4 PDUs

Total PDUs Earned: 10


Become Negotiation Associate

Ways of Working: 2 PDUs

Power Skills: 4 PDUs

Business Acumen: 4 PDUs

Total PDUs Earned: 10



Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Ways of Working: 2 PDUs

Power Skills: 4 PDUs

Business Acumen: 4 PDUs

Total PDUs Earned: 10


Corporate Sales Fundamentals

Ways of Working: 3 PDUs

Power Skills: 4 PDU

Business Acumen: 3 PDUs

Total PDUs Earned: 10

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Ways of Working: 3 PDUs

Power Skills: 4 PDUs

Business Acumen: 3 PDUs

Total PDUs Earned: 10

PMI Approved PDUs Master Program Library
Select Courses of Your Choice and Complete Your PDUs Requirement.

You can enroll for Individual PDUs Courses as well.

why skill optics

Why Enroll for 60 PDUs with Skilloptics?

atp 2024.png

PMI Approved 60 PDUs Course

PMI Authorized Training Provider (ATP ID: 5463) SkillOptics offers a course pre-approved by PMI and listed in PMI CCRS Portal.

Dedicated PMP Certificate Renewal Support

SkillOptics works closely with PMI Credential Holders to ensure they not only complete the 60 PDUs Course but also can claim 60 PDUs and Renew PMP Certificate


Aligned with PMI's Latest Talent Triangle

SkillOptics 60 PDUs Course complies with the latest PMI Talent Triangle that stipulates the 60 PDUs Modules belong to the Ways of Working, Power Skills, and Business Acumen Category.


Know about us


Authorized Training Partner of PMI® (ATP ID: 5463)

SKILLOPTICS is a global Project Management Competency Development focused on becoming a valued partner in professional development.

We have been associated with Project Management Institute - USA since 2002 and are members of their latest Authorized Training Partner (ATP ID: 5463) Program.

Our Courses allow PMI Credential Holders like PMP, PgMP, and PfMP to earn PMI Approved PDUs and successfully renew their PMI Credentials.

SKILLOPTICS Courses align with the latest PMI guidelines and confirm to PMI Talent Triangle for earning 60 PDUs.

Also, all our courses are backed by dedicated customer support that involves course delivery plus the right guidance to claim PDUs and Renew PMI Credentials.

atp 2024.png

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to take an exam for the PMP renewal?

No Exam is to be taken. You need to:-

(1) Earn 60 PDUs within the three-year Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR) Cycle.
(2) Claim 60 PDUs on the CCRS Portal
(3) Make payment for PMP Renewal (fee 60$ for PMI Member & 150$ for Non-Member)
(4) Get PMP Renewal Confirmation from PMI® and also notification for the same in CCRS Dashboard mentioning new PMP CCR Cycle

2. How much is the renewal fee for PMP certificate?

As a PMI member, you pay a discounted fee of 60 USD. If you are not a PMI® member, to make a PMP Renewal you get to pay 150 USD.

3. How many PDUs do I need to renew my PMP?

60 PDUs are required to renew the PMP.

4. Is it possible to earn 60 PDUs in 2 months for PMP renewal?

For sure. However, we recommend that PMP Certification Holders get their credentials to renew before the deadline to avoid losing PMP®.

How will it work -
1. Typically, PMP Certified project staff would need to enroll in 60 PDUs Master Program
2. Complete the training.
3. Claim PMI Approved PDUs in the CCRS Portal.

Please note- It will always be better if the candidate opts for PMI Pre-approved PDU Courses by Authorized Training Partners of PMI®.

5. How do I earn PDUs for PMP renewal?

As per PMI Guidelines, PMP Certified Project Staff can earn and claim PDUs for activities undertaken within the three-year Continuing Certification Requirement Cycle. Typically, these activities include:-

1) Attending Training Programs from PMI approved Authorized Training providers, Universities, or your organization
2) Participating in Educational Activities and events offered by PMI Chapters or other organizations
3) Self-directed learning activities like Reading and attending a webinar further to build Project/Program/Portfolio Management Skills
4) Creating new courses/programs/case studies etc. in Project/Program/Portfolio Management Domains
5) Volunteering for work as a Subject matter expert/trainer/mentor etc.

Of all the activities mentioned above, 60 PDUs Courses offered by PMI Authorized Training Providers are pre-approved by PMI®, i.e., you enter course code in PMI® CCRS Portal and provide other relevant details like start/end dates, etc. and claim 60 PDUs without any hassles.

For the rest of the activities, PMP certified staff would need to allocate PDUs as per Talent Triangle into three categories, Submit Claim and wait for PMI® approval to claim PDUs.

PMI may reject/approve the Claim on merit.

6. What happens if the PMP credential holder does not renew PMP® Certification at the end of the 3-year CCR Cycle?

Well, this is an unfortunate but not unique situation. PMI clearly states that if a PMP® does not renew the PMP® Certificate at the end of 3 Year CCR Cycle, their PMP Status will be put under Suspended Mode for One year. Therefore, this PMP®, Suspended mode status is applicable for One Year after PMP® Certification CCR Cycle is Over.

PMP Certification Suspended mode can be revoked i.e., get back to Active Status when the certification holder earns 60 PDUs and completes the necessary process to Renew PMP Certification within one year.

After One year, the certification holder will lose PMP Certification Credential entirely and need to retake the PMP® Exam.

Also, the Certification Holder cannot use the title PMP in Suspended Mode and stands to miss out on jobs/opportunities reserved for PMP® Certified Staff.

7. Can I renew my PMP Certification early?

That's a great question, and most of the newly certified PMP project staff ask this query.

Although PMI provided a CCR period of up to three years for a PMP to earn and claim 60 PDUs to renew Certification, we strongly recommend credential holders not to wait till the last year.

Kindly note:-
PMP Renewal Fee (in USD)
1. Member - $60
2. Non Member - $150

If you renew your PMP within one year of getting certified, you will end up paying just 60$ to Renew PMP (being a member of PMI®) as compared to $150 if you choose to renew at the end of three years.

8. How can I extend my PMP?

A PMP Credential holder can Renew their PMP Credential in 3 easy steps:-
1. Earn 60 PDUs (in line with PMI Talent Triangle Requirements & preferably from PMI Approved Authorized Training Partner
2. Claim 60 PDUs in PMI CCRS Portal
3. Pay PMP Renewal Fee to PMI

Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance in renewing your PMP Certification.

9. How can I find out about my PMP Certification Validity & Renewal Date?

PMP Certification is valid for three years from the certification date. This three-year period is called the Continuation Certification Requirements (CCR) Cycle.

When you become PMP, You log in to the PMI CCRS Portal, where you can check whether your PMP® Certification is in Active Status and also check the Renewal Date or last date until the Certification is active.

It is highly recommended that you Earn 60 PDUs, Claim the same, and pay PMP Renewal Fees much before the certification validity date to maintain PMP Credential in good standing.

If you do not Renew your PMP Certificate within three years, it becomes Suspended.

PMI provides a grace period of one year for individuals to Renew PMP® Certification. However, if you do not renew the Suspended PMP® Certificate even in the grace period, PMP Certification stands expired, and you will need to appear in the PMP® exam again.

10. My PMP Certification is in the 'Suspended' state. What does that mean? What do I need to do to make PMP® Certification active again?

PMP Certification is valid for three years from the certification date. To maintain PMP Certification in good standing, you need to earn 60 PDUs, Claim the same in CCRS Portal and Pay the PMP Renewal fees.

When you do not Renew your PMP Certification within three years, your PMP Certificate is Suspended by PMI®.

PMP Certificate in Suspended mode means that you cannot use the PMP title till the time it becomes active again. Also, you have just one year to Reactivate PMP again before it becomes Expired.

You will need to Earn 60 PDUs, Claim the 60 PDUs, and Pay PMP Renewal Fee to PMI to activate the PMP Credential again.

11. What are PMP Renewal Eligibility Requirements?

Typical PMP Renewal Eligibility Requirements are as follows:-

1. Your PMP Certification must be in an Active or Suspended state and not Expired.
2. You need to Earn 60 PDUs
3. Claim 60 PDUs in CCRS Portal and get a confirmation from PMI
4. Pay PMP Renewal Fee to PMI

12. What is the total PMP Certification Renewal Fee?

PMP Certification Renewal Fees comprises two parts:-

1. PMP Renewal Fees payable to PMI
- Member: 60 USD
- Non Member: 150 USD

2. 60 PDUs Master Program (Pre-Approved by PMI)
- Cost varies from US$99 (offered by SkillOptics, a PMI ATP) up to US$499/- (other companies that may or may not be PMI® ATP)

This discounted price is backed by best-in-class, Dedicated Customer Support over E-mail/Chat.

The only eligibility criteria to avail of this discounted fees are that the person should have PMP Certificate in Active or Suspended State only.

If the PMP Certificate has Expired, then the person cannot avail of this Special Price Offer and will have to appear for PMP® Exam again.

Connect with a learning advisor for a 1:1 session

Our PMP Certification Experts have helped 1,000+ PMP Certified Staff worldwide choose the best-fit program to Earn 60 PDUs.

Feel free to Schedule an exclusive Call with our expert to understand How you can Renew your PMP Certificate in five easy steps.

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